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Shows like the The good place | Best tv shows online


With so much great content available, finding the best shows on Netflix can be a daunting prospect. Here are 10 great TV shows, including Netflix originals and acquired series, that are worth your time and attention to stream.

Crazy ex girlfriend

The talented Rachel Bloom is stunning in every aspect of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , which she co-created and stars in. Bloom also co-wrote most of the songs for this musical drama, which features several original musical numbers in each episode.

Dear white people

ustin Simien adapts his 2014 film Dear White People into this series set on an elite college campus, where students of color struggle to find a place within the white-dominated institution. Simien tackles serious issues of race and class, but also includes a lot of humor, taking a satirical approach to the systemic racism his characters face.

Expanding from a feature film to a series also allows Simien to focus more on character development and broaden the range of perspectives, representing more nuance within the campus communities of color.


A tribute to the 1980s professional wrestling league known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, GLOW takes a fictionalized approach to the real-life personalities involved. These women find empowerment and artistic satisfaction in creating over-the-top characters for wrestling matches while still confronting the sexism of their day. The creators lovingly reproduce the glorious cheese of ’80s pro wrestling while always treating their characters with respect and good humor.

Jane the virgin

Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, Jane the Virgin features all the wacky twists and turns of that genre along with a more sensitive and grounded approach to its characters. Gina Rodríguez stars as the main character, who becomes pregnant thanks to a doctor’s mistake with an insemination procedure.

But the show is much more than that initial, implausible setup, with its focus on Jane’s working-class family and her romances with hotel magnate Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and down-to-earth cop Michael (Brett Dier). Creator Jennie Snyder Urman brings humor and heart to what could have been a cartoony soap opera.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

From creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt stars Ellie Kemper as the title character, who emerges from being held captive by a doomsday cult for 15 years. Naïve Kimmy must readjust to life in the real world, or at least, in the fun version of New York City that the show creates. Fey and Carlock effectively deal with Kimmy’s trauma while keeping the show goofy and fun, filled with supporting characters with as much weird emotional baggage as Kimmy herself.


From the creators of How to Get Away with Murder, Grey’s Anatomy , and Scandal, Bridgerton is a period drama set in Regency-era England, following the wealthy Bridgerton family. Lots of lust, betrayal and money to get you seriously hooked. Season 2 arrived on March 25, 2022, while seasons 3 and 4 are confirmed.


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