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We have found that many of you ask us for recommendations to decide which series you watch in particular and from any year in general, especially like series like Broadchruch  after having gone through the catalog too many times in times of pandemic. we have found the best series for you

Outer Banks

It’s the trendy youth series, one of those Netflix hits that you don’t see coming and suddenly sweep you away… like a wave, because there’s a lot of surfers here. In the second season, it adds a lot of adrenaline with a certain air to La casa de papel, since it brings together a small group of friends, who call themselves Los Pogues, to face a new mission related to the search for gold from the first season. If you notice by how we talk about her that we haven’t seen her, you’re right: those of us with taitantos find it extremely difficult to empathize with this cocktail of action and love affairs. Ok, we’ve put it on the list so you can say to your teenager “yeah, I know what it is, cool deck”. And that he despises you with affection.

No one Lives Here

The faces, Juan, let’s see how Esquire’s readers look when we say that it is The essential comedy to understand 21st-century. Even with all the burdens of free-to-air television at that time, the talent of the scriptwriters and a cast in a state of grace gave us a brilliant portrait of the miseries of the average Spaniard. As it happens with really important productions, almost two decades later it is still an inexhaustible source of memes and references of our pop culture.


New Amsterdam

Classic case of a series that goes unnoticed at its premiere (did you remember that Antena 3 broadcast ?) and suddenly hits it on Netflix. It is a classic medical drama, in the vein of Grey’s Anatomy but less romantic and with very topical cases. So much so that one was not broadcast in its day because it was about a pandemic and coincided with the explosion of the coronavirus. In case you need a final hook: it is set in the oldest hospital in New York and the protagonist, in addition to being a crack doctor, is secretly carrying a serious illness.

Archive 81

Loosely based on the popular Archive 81 podcast , it is a supernatural horror series from the producers of The Warren File and Stranger Things. James Wan, which is no small thing. The history? An archivist accepts the commission to restore a collection of videotapes from 1994 and becomes immersed in the investigation that a documentary filmmaker from that time carried out on a dangerous sect… Due to its decaffeinated promotion it might seem like one of many, but its nostalgic dialogue with horror film classics such as The Shining and its vintage bill, they wonderfully accompany a plot more of mystery than fear that jumps between very decent cliffhangers .

The time I give you

The title of the series by Nadia de Santiago –we are amazed at the creator who was hiding behind the actress– can be read almost like a micropoem from which an idea that is as precise as it is emotionally overflowing springs up. And with an audiovisual translation that at first seems like a nice trick (each chapter, very short, is divided into a few minutes of present time and a few minutes of memory), but in reality the form and the substance merge with full meaning. It’s fascinating to discover the subtle layers of meaning in that sort of plucking the daisy in reverse to tell both a love story and a story of mourning. It is true that the first can be corny because it is based on some clichés of romantic comedy, and that the dialogues sometimes become predictable,


Huge surprise that of this animated vision of the League of Legends universe . A prequel with a dramatic content so well structured and developed that it welcomes both the staunch fans of the video game on which it is based, there are millions of them, and the viewers who had no idea what all this is about. In addition to the fact that the story is very well planned, the series stands out for its amazing visual display, with amazing levels of creativity, aggressiveness and emotionality. If you have prejudices because anime is not your thing, we recommend that you ignore them and give it a try.

Midnight Mass

It is true that The Haunting of Hill House and the sequel at Bly Manor were two quite stimulating psychological horror series, with an above-average quality for this genre. But the step that creator Mike Flanagan has taken in Midnight Mass is more than considerable. In this 7-episode miniseries, it obviates all the easy springs of scary productions and focuses on the creation of memorable characters in a very charged atmosphere, with some very long dialogue scenes that will bore those who are looking for scares from a manual but who have the ability to penetrate the psyche of the most daring viewers.

Shadow and bone

The same criteria apply as with the Outer Banks. To this Netflix production they have hung the one of ‘the juvenile Game of thrones ‘, something dangerous because the HBO series, without its ‘non-juvenile’ part, remains in the most absolute nothing. shadow and boneIt will conquer a good part of the public because it has the virtue of building a world that is sufficiently original and well-nourished with its own mythology, all with a curious visual packaging. In addition, the protagonists have a certain charisma, although the standard of handsome forracarpetas (sorry for seniority) reduces the strength of the whole. We also warn that another good part of the public, especially those over 24 years of age, will not have enough patience to master the mess of plots typical of versions of literary sagas.

Sweet Tooth

The deer boy is the latest positive surprise in the Netflix catalog, and we already needed one. Crossing its success with the failure of Jupiter’s Legacy, it seems that the platform has found its niche of comic book adaptations with more indie stories like this one from DC/Vertigo. A bright, charming and exciting version that deals with a plot of apocalyptic viruses but with a very charismatic youth perspective and with an explanation much closer to Lost than to The Walking Dead.

The Squid Game

From South Korea comes this surprise bomb about a group of 456 people who, due to different needs, agree to enter a strange competition that consists of six children’s games, from English hide and seek to marbles. If they win they get a million; if they lose, a bullet. It is a structure that we have already seen in other productions but they are well resolved and, if you enter the game, you are hooked. It seems that the majority of viewers are from the second group, because according to Netflix it is on its way to becoming the most watched series in its history. Warning: dubbing is a bit of a drama.


The Golden Globe to Ewan McGregor has given a new shine to Halston. The latest series produced by Ryan Murphy usually have a tremendously showy approach… and then get lost in weak plots that pass the emotional raccord through the lining (of the costumes, which is always splendid) and get nowhere. Halston seemed destined to follow that pattern but she is sewn just the opposite. The start is not very dramatic, without that obsession with capturing all the viewer’s senses at the same time. And, little by little, she designs an increasingly interesting story about the rise and fall of a man with perhaps more talent for business than for the art of fashion. Though she doesn’t come close to the depth of The Invisible Thread,the best work on this world, does capture the brilliance and decadence of the character embodied by a very devoted McGregor and New York, perhaps more mythologized than mythical, of Studio 54.

Marvel series

If Netflix has suffered a setback throughout its short history, that has been its relationship with Marvel. While Spiderman and the rest of the Avengers broke all the records in the cinema, and before Disney + established its empire with Wandavision, Hawkeye, Loki and a long etcetera, Netflix sought its own super success with the most serious characters in that universe: Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, The Punisher, Luke Cage and Daredevil, the members of The Defenders. And none of the five series has hit it. Why are they bad? No, of course the starts of Jessica Jones and Daredevil are exceptional according to the criteria of fans of this genre. It will be the timing, it will be a not very attractive visual proposal… Now, if you are interested in this world, you can put on your boots.

The Housekeeper

In the midst of (and sad) wave of Turkish soap operas, this drama has surprised that its theme resembles those unmentionables but that deep down is closer to the realism of Roof and food, the film for which Natalia Molina won the Goya. It is the story of a single mother who does housework to support her small family and escape poverty, a raw and direct plot that is narrated with the right dose of harshness and also tenderness, without falling into sentimentality. The protagonist, Margaret Qualley, is wonderful, especially in the scenes with Andie MacDowell.



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