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Best headphones for kids, good for them and for your pocket


A headset can be the perfect accessory for almost any technological device. If we are looking for ones for the little ones , for their safety and comfort headphones , we may have to pay a little more attention. We bring you a selection with the best headphones for children . They come with good features and fun designs, we tell you everything you need to know about them.

The use of headphones in recording studio

The increase in the power of the processors together with the decrease in the size of the computer components means that more and more producers work with a portable system . In this case, monitoring (listening to what we are recording and mixing) will always be easier through studio headphones than through near-field monitors, which require us to have a minimum of acoustic conditioning in the room in order to work with reliable results.

I use closed headphones

On the other hand, whether we are working in a professional studio or in a home studio, when making recordings (instrument recording) we will always use headphones to monitor and listen to the reference and/or click or click. In this case, we will always try to use closed headphones since they are the ones that let the least sound escape to the outside. The feeling of isolation will cause us greater listening fatigue if we use them in long study sessions.

I use semi-closed and open headphones.

Both types let more outside sound in and out, making them more comfortable to wear, but they’re not the best headphones for recording in the booth as sound can leak through the mic. Still they are the most reliable and flat to mix (in case we decide to mix with headphones) or to make eq decisions and touch up aspects of the mix combined with the use of near field monitors.



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